Pay as you grow with new ANNA pricing 🌱

When you’re starting a new business, we know money can be tight. So we’ve introduced new flexible pricing plans that grow with you and your business. Whether you’re a sole trader or limited company, what you pay is based purely on how much you use ANNA. And it’s all completely free while you’re starting up.

How much will ANNA cost me?

When you use ANNA more, you pay a little more. When business is quieter, you pay less.

·      Free — if your monthly income’s under £500

·      £4.90 a month — monthly income of £500–£2,000

·      £9.90 a month — monthly income of £2,000–£20,000

·      £19.90 a month — monthly income of £20,000–£100,000

Can I stay on the free account forever?

Yes, as long as your income for the month is below £500 and your balance stays under £5,000, you won’t be charged.

For more information and what each plan includes, please see our pricing page.

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