To make tax returns and accounting easy, your payments and purchases in ANNA are automatically assigned a category. We do this for your expenses and funds coming in. We even do this for your connected bank accounts.

Changing categories

You can change categories at any time. Do this on the transaction screen by tapping ‘Expense type’ on expenses or ‘Income type’ on incoming funds. Not all income transactions must relate to sales; for example, you can add the category ‘Paying in’ if you’re topping up your business account, or there could be a refund coming in.

We remember how you change your categories – the app pays attention to your preferences and applies them to similar transactions in future.

Make changes in bulk

When you recategorise, you can update similar historical transactions in one bulk move. For example, if you changed an Amazon purchase from ‘Personal expense’ to ‘Stock’, we’ll find any existing similar transactions and ask if you’d like to update them, too.

No category

Sometimes our clever model needs a little help choosing a category, and you’ll need to assign one yourself. You’ll see a small green label, ‘Add category’. Tap this and choose your preferred category.

Categories to check more closely

There are a few categories that are important for your taxes. We recommend you check these categories are set on the right transactions:

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