When you open a business account with ANNA we like to get to know you better. We’re also legally required to ask you some questions about your business – these are known as KYB (Know Your Business).

That’s why we ask you to share a link that shows us what you do; this could be a link to your business website, your online marketplace profile or the social media profiles that help you market your business. If you don’t have any of these then we’ll need further documentation to get you set up.

Here’s a list of the documents we’re happy to accept, sorted by types of business.

Nurses who work for agencies • Bus/taxi/truck drivers • People who are contracted to work by other companies or agencies eg. Agency workers

Contracts or agreements either with the companies, you work for or with the agencies who find you work.

Additionally, details of membership to professional bodies/regulators (license).

Businesses with physical premises

A utility bill or lease agreement for the premises, showing the business name and address.

Consultancy work

Linkedin profiles and contracts.

Building/construction services

CSCS card.

Additionally, supplier invoices, contracts, and insurance docs.

Online seller, if your online listings are not set up yet

Supplier invoices.

Market traders

Supplier invoices and contracts.

Additionally, confirmation from the market that you’ll be setting up a stall or market trading license from the council.

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