So far we’ve asked about half of our customers to sign an agreement to open a new Railsbank account. (Please note: we will only ever ask you to sign any new agreements within the secure ANNA app.)

If you’re a customer with a new Railsbank account, you’ll see that you now have two accounts in your account summary (screenshot). The account with the sort code 04-03-70 is your new Railsbank account. Your Wirecard account is still available to use and this will be handy if you need to pay existing Direct Debits or need to use your debit card.

If you haven’t been asked to migrate your account yet, don’t worry, your Wirecard account still works as normal.

If you’re a new ANNA customer, joining on or after 3 September 2020, then you will have just one account with a Railsbank sort code and account number.

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