Don’t put off invoicing your international customers – just follow these simple steps, and ANNA will make sure all your international invoices are correct, and paid on time.

Charge in any currency, share international account details

With ANNA, you can raise an invoice in GBP, EUR or USD. You can charge your customer in these currencies no matter where your customer is based – but it can be slightly trickier for them to pay you easily from their location.

Luckily, ANNA in partnership with Payoneer can provide you with a SWIFT and IBAN, or ABA number (which is most useful for customers based in the US). These are all the international account details you’ll need to receive payments from most countries. And if you already have an international account, you can add those bank details to your ANNA invoices instead.

If you’re VAT registered, and invoicing an EU-based customer

VAT is charged throughout the EU, so you only need to add it to your invoice if your customer is based in the EU. So if you’re invoicing a customer in the USA, you can set the VAT rate on your invoice to 0% in ANNA.

If you’re VAT registered, and so is your EU-based customer (‘zero-rated’ invoice)

If you’re VAT registered and your EU customer is also VAT registered within their own country, you can charge 0% VAT. This is called a zero-rated invoice.

There are two extra HMRC requirements in this case:

  1. The invoice must show your VAT number and your customer’s as well – so make sure to add their number in the note section of your ANNA invoice. The VAT number must begin with the two-letter country code.

  2. You must also add the following note: ‘The reverse charge mechanism applies’. This is a reminder for your customer to follow the reverse charge procedure for VAT in their own country, so make sure you mark it clearly in the note section of your invoice.

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