There may be times when ANNA sends a text to your mobile.

We use text messages because they’re a secure way to deliver sensitive information. But it’s important that you know when it’s really ANNA texting you, because fraudsters may try to contact you pretending they’re from ANNA. And they may even ‘spoof’ our number so it looks like the call or text is coming from us.

We want to make sure you know when ANNA will text you, and what we might text you about.

The text messages we might send you are:

From ANF (ANNA Financials)

One-time passwords for online card payments


  • A one-time code to confirm your mobile number during the onboarding process

  • Information regarding our service functionality. For example, if there’s going to be maintenance work over the weekend

  • We may ask you to do something within the ANNA app, like activating your card

There are certain text messages we never send:

  • We will never ask you to call us on a phone number

  • We will never ask you to install any software other than the ANNA Money app

  • We will never ask you to follow an external link that isn’t on the domain

Please bear all this in mind, and remember that if you have any doubts, you can message us in the ANNA app (we’re available 24/7).

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