A contactless card payment might reject sometimes

When using your ANNA Money debit card in stores, you may sometimes come across a situation when a contactless payment is rejected and the merchant asks you to use a different payment method. The solution for this is to insert the card and make the payment using your card’s chip and entering the PIN instead of contactless.

Why this is happening

There’s an accumulative limit on how much you can spend by contactless payments with your card – it’s imposed by a set of rules from Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) called Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). The idea behind this is to protect your money in case the card gets lost or stolen and someone tries to use your card.

The limit resets every time you make a chip and PIN transaction with your card – so after you make such payment you can start using contactless again.

Set up contactless payments on your phone

The easy (and secure) way to avoid hitting the limit is setting up your ANNA Money debit card for Apple Pay or Google Pay. There’s no limit on such payments because they already require your confirmation before the money is spent.

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