ANNA’s automated VAT return tool is doing the heavy lifting for you when it comes to VAT returns. To get started you will need to

  1. Connect your bank account to ANNA using open banking powered by Truelayer. This is a secure read only connection that will allow ANNA to pull in all of your transactions for your VAT return. This is a read only access, meaning ANNA has no rights to take any actions on your account apart from pulling in your transactions.

  2. Once your transactions are in ANNA Business Tools, our smart software will automatically categorise your transactions into categories, such as business expenses, travel, income etc. You can review the automated categorisations and make adjustments if needed.

  3. You will be able to monitor your VAT return liability or credit on an ongoing basis from mobile or on the web. Once your VAT return is due you can connect to HMRC and submit your VAT return.

ANNA’s automated VAT return is an all in one tool that ensures you are completely MTD compliant, including digital records and digital linking of transactions.

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