1. Give us some basic details

Card holder ID: This is where you put the last 4 digits of the long number of the ANNA debit card used for the transaction, along with the cardholder's name

Address: Enter the home address that's linked to
your ANNA account

Contact details: Email and telephone numbers of the cardholder

Date of Transaction: Here is where we need a little info about
the transaction

Location of Merchant: The name of the merchant, and the town/city where the transaction took place if known

2. Share a few more details

Every question on this page needs to be answered. For example, if your dispute is about goods you ordered that never arrived, you'd answer Yes to question 1 and No to questions 2, 3 and 4.
It may look a little daunting, but the more information you can share with us, the more likely that your dispute will be successful.

Point 1: Choose Yes if you didn't receive the goods you ordered, or you were charged the wrong amount

1c: Choose Yes if you're including evidence of correspondence with the merchant

2: Circle yes or no as to whether the payment was a reccuring payment and isn't showing as a direct debit

3: Choose Yes if it's cashpoint transaction

3. If you don't recognise the transaction

This page only needs to be filled in if you chose option 4 on the previous page.

If you chose option 4, but feel that some of the info doesn't relate to your transaction, then circle No.

When completing this page, please either circle or tick the relevant 'Yes/No' answers on each question.

4. Explain why you're disputing the transaction

Please share as much information as possible about your disputed payment, within the explanation box.

You need to sign the document – it's important you don't type your signature.

The Adobe app should let you use a stylus or your finger to sign manually.

This is an excerpt from our full article about payment disputes.
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